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The Wadlow Portrait, named as such by Historian Simon Stirling at its unveiling at a Goldsmiths University of London seminar has been hanging for 50 yrs in a small cottage in Hertfordshire England. Alas now locked away in safe storage, we the Wadlow family, hope that soon it can be displayed for all to see. Whether in a museum or gallery as a proven Portrait of Shakespeare or someone else of historical importance remains to be seen, but we are determined to discover the identity of the sitter & hopefully artist.

This site documents why we believe it could be Shakespeare & why 50 years since the family have owned it we now suspect it might be. We also reveal the thoughts of experts & results of tests carried out & also report findings of further tests.

Experts such as Sir Roy Strong, Karen Hearn, Philip Mould & The National Portrait Gallery agree it is genuine to the period of Shakespeare. Tests at the Hamilton Kerr Institute & Lumiere Technologies do not dispute this dating & also indicate it is painted from life. Further tests could give more ideas for more accurate date range than the Mid 1590’s to early 1600’s suggested.

With no 100% proven portraits of Shakespeare, 

NO contenders to date have definitive proof that they are Shakespeare or indeed are not. This is where the Wadlow may differ, it appears that unlike some portraits of Shakespeare that have been ‘changed’ to look more like how he is perceived, The Wadlow has been changed to hide the identity of the sitter, we explain on this site why this may be.

The exciting thing about the Wadlow Portrait is it is very likely that under over paint there appears be writing or even a coat of arms (the one visible is a later addition and a false lead) that could identify the sitter…. Perhaps Shakespeare as we suspect!

Can the Art & Shakespeare worlds afford to continue to ignore this possibility?

Why would they choose to do so?

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The sharp eyed will have noticed the difference in the shape of face on sitters right with the Droeshout and The above Wadlow portrait. This is convincingly explained on our WHY SHAKESPEARE page. (X Ray evidence)

Trendy Cactus Varieties

Click on the above to see a video overlay created by Lumiere technology showing the incredible merger of the Wadlow portrait, (albeit a younger Shakespeare, if that is indeed who the portrait is of) & The Droeshout Engraving.

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Claimed Portraits of Shakespeare have always been measured by how they compare to the Droeshout Engraving above.

The Historian, Mary Edmond suggested that The Droeshout  could have been based on a now lost portrait of William Shakespeare listed in the notes of George Vertue whilst cataloging the collection of Robert Keck; a repected collector of Shakespeare memorabilia whose collection included The (later to be named) Chandos.

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​”It is Shakespeare’s Face”


​Simon Andrew Stirling,The Faces of Shakespeare: Revealing Shakespeare’s Life & Death through Portraits & other objects.

LINK    Goldsmiths University of London Peer reviewed paper.

Click the link above to read his paper 

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